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Colon Cancer Risk: Reduce it Naturally

Colon Cancer Risk: Reduce it Naturally

Imagine sitting across from your doctor and being told that you have cancer. That is perhaps one of the most devastating news one can receive. However, being told that it is colon or colorectal cancer has great hope. While it is the third leading cancer in the US, and it is one of the most important causes of cancer morbidity and mortality in the western world, there are four factors one has control over.

According to the Journal Nutrition in 2007, "Colorectal cancer is related to diet, lifestyle, physical inactivity, and obesity." Let's take each of these factors for a brief discussion.

Diet that is high in "live foods" such as fresh vegetables, raw or lightly steamed, juiced or even sprouted are very beneficial for keeping the body from allowing cancer to grow. There are also certain foods such as the cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage family) that have anti-cancer properties. Included in this group are kale and collard greens, and kohlrabi.

Sometimes we need to add things such as the foods listed above, and sometimes we need to subtract or reduce things, such as red meat and processed foods. There are many additives that factor in the opportunity for cancer cells to grow.

One's lifestyle is also a factor in colon cancer, particularly stress. Many find that beginning a program of a balanced lifestyle, not being a work-aholic or some other imbalance can aid in supporting their immune system to better deal with health concerns. Sleep is a factor, prayer or meditation is too.

The next part of one's lifestyle that affects colon cancer for the better or worse is physical activity or inactivity. Today, it seems we have a button or device to turn nearly everything on and off. So our physical activity has decreased and our exposure to known carcinogens has increased. One has a choice to join a gym and actually work out, take up a sport such as bicycling, hiking, or playing tennis or racket ball, or taking a brisk walk to ramp up physical activity. 
Bringing joy to each and every activity brings joy into one's life and that is also a factor in lifestyle. After all, Norman Cousins shared in his writing Anatomy of an Illness the value of joy and laughter in his healing process.

Obesity is one struggle that many middle age adults face and a lifelong approach is worth the reduction in probability of colon cancer. Using the first three factors will begin the process and give each one a step up on obesity. Certainly discussing this with a doctor is important for there can be medical issues to explore such as low thyroid or perhaps the beginning of diabetes. When these are put into perspective success can become an accomplishable goal.

From a natural medical point of view, we find in World Journal of Gastroenterology 2009 that there is an essential and beneficial relationship between the bacterial composition of the guts that are affected by various events, such as infection, diet, stress, inflammation. This may lead to the formation of a dysbiosis which could impact health and disease states. 

Another lifestyle problem that contributes to colon cancer is constipation in middle-aged adults. It is not consistently associated with a large increase in risk, but it is considered an important risk factor for colon cancer. This condition is easy to correct however it is a multifaceted approach that works the best.

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