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Your Children Are At Higher Danger Of Leukemia By CT Scans

Your Children Are At Higher Danger Of Leukemia By CT Scans

Documented Proof That CT Scans Can Cause Leukemia

Researchers have warned doctors to guarantee that CT scans conducted on youngsters are necessary, after a study funded by the Department of Health and the US National Cancer Institute discovered that exposure from ionizing radiation in the course of such scans may be three times the risk of children under 15 developing brain tumors or leukemia later in life. According to the tests conducted, 2 or 3 scans can be adequate to intensify the danger to such levels for brain cancer, whereas five to 10 would equally elevate the risk of leukemia

Leukemia Is A Typical Childhood Disease

While being the most typical childhood cancers, brain tumors and leukemia, are still relatively rare. Whereas the risk of developing them after scans stays low in absolute terms and CT scanning may very well be important in saving younger people's lives, the figures reported in Lancet On-line will encourage doctors to look at alternatives to CT scans. The alternate options embody ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging.

Children are extra delicate to radiation than older people. The research, involving experts from around the world, is the first to supply direct proof of a link between being uncovered to radiation from CT scans in childhood and most cancers and the threat of leukemia, and to quantify that risk.

Threat Of Leukemia Increases With Radiation

The study focused on results covering practically 180,000 thousand people below the age of 22 who had not already been diagnosed with brain tumors or leukemia and who have had CT scans; estimated doses of radiation absorbed by the brain and bone marrow (which varies by age and part of the body scanned) and information linked to most cancers incidence and mortality throughout the UK between 1985 and 2002. From this they calculated "excess incidence" of leukemia and brain tumors.

The researchers found the relative threat of brain tumors and leukemia increased by 0.023 and 0.036 instances respectively from radiation exposure. For children under the age of ten receiving head scans, about one further case of leukemia and one further brain tumor per 10,000 sufferers would be expected after the procedure.

Incidence Of Leukemia Can Be Lowered By Introducing Alternatives To CT Scans

CT scans have been introduced in the 1970's and their use for examining patients for a range of medical conditions together with tumors, bone disorders and inside accidents, rose by sixty-eight percent between 1998 and 2008. In 2007, an estimated seventy-two million scans were documented for the US alone.

According to Lead researcher Mark Pearce, from the University of Newcastle, the rapid advantages of CT scans outweigh the potential long-term risks of brain tumors and leukemia. This is due to the CT scans diagnostic accuracy and speed of scanning, notably eradicating the necessity for anesthesia and sedation in young leukemia sufferers, it is going to remain in practice for the foreseeable future.

However, Pearce also stated that additional refinements to permit a decrease in CT scans radiation doses ought to be a precedence, not just in the radiology community but additionally for manufacturers. Different diagnostic procedures that don't contain ionizing radiation exposure that will not cause leukemia, such as ultrasound and MRI, could be more acceptable in some clinical settings. It is of paramount significance that where a CT scan is required, it is used where it is absolutely justified from a clinical and medical perspective.

Andrew Einstein, from Columbia University Medical Center in New York, said that it confirmed that CT scans virtually produce a small brain cancer and leukemia threat, however with their use rising, a concerted effort should be made to ensure that every CT scan is justified and optimized.

With all the technological advances we have made in science and medicine, isn't about time that better alternatives are provided for medical treatment? In my opinion, medicine is too invasive and if getting a CT scan could lead to diseases like leukemia, it should be avoided!

SourceStudy-CT Scans-Put-Children At Heightened Risk For Leukemia

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