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Cancer Care Hospitals for Breast and Lung Cancer Treatments

Cancer Care Hospitals for Breast and Lung Cancer Treatments

Breast cancer is very painful as well as life threatening disease. A large group of women from all over the world are suffering from breast cancer and seeking proper care, attention and medication to live a normal life. It has been estimated that one in every ten women in United Sates of America has badly affected from this ailment. Cancer care clinics have established world class infrastructure to provide best healing process to the patients. 
Lung cancer is the most killer disease which has affected millions of people around the world. Cells grow abnormally and produces tumor which may be benign or malignant, however malignant cells gives cancer cells. The main cause of this cancer is smoking, passive smoking, poor nutrition, radiation and others. There are two types of lung cancers small cells lung cancer (SCLC) and non small lung cancer (NSCLC) and the treatment for these types are also different in various hospitals. Deaths have suddenly increased worldwide form this melanoma disease as people are adopting bad life style. 
Methods involved in Breast Cancer and lung cancer treatment
Surgery is the process in which cancerous cells and tissues are completely cut and removed. The surgery has various types like radical mastectomy and simple mastectomy which are carried out in different phases. 
In radiotherapy, fast and high energetic X -ray or radiation is used to kill the small cancer cells. It is one the conventional methods which have been appreciated by doctors for its easy and effective process. It is very effective way to destroy the breast cancer which reduces risk of recurrence of melanoma by 70-80%.
Targeted therapy
Some researchers say that a famous protein known as HER2 is responsible for division and abnormal growth of cells in which can form tumor and penetrate the neighboring parts also. To stop this protein a drug called as Herceptin has developed to block this protein. This therapy is widely known as targeted therapy. This treatment is generally used with chemotherapy, minimizes the risk of further growth of tumor. 
It uses drug therapy to stop the growth of irregular or cancerous cells. The cancerous cells may spread other part of body in advanced stage, so the diagnosis and treatments at early stage help to cure patients in a well versed manner. 
Hormonal therapy
The protein which is responsible for growth of cells is blocked by hormone. Researchers develop various hormones to block these kinds of protein; this therapy is called hormonal therapy. 
Side effects of treatments
The treatments have many side effects but it is difficult to measure the effects as it could be mild and serious as well. Some of the major symptoms that have been found after cancer treatments are nausea, vomiting, fatigue body, loss of hair and others. 
Cancer care clinics
Cancer care clinics have important role to bring smile on patients' face as cancer affects physical and mental status of life, but the treatment under experienced and expert oncologist help them to give a new life. Many hospitals in USA especially in Florida are providing best environment and atmosphere where each patient is taken care with special care, attention and observation using innovative medical tools, techniques and equipments.

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