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Learn What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Cancer

Learn What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Cancer

Doctors are obviously dedicated and caring people but they are just part of the system that has trained them so naturally they follow the procedures they've been taught. Our mainstream medical approach to cancer is to regard it as a foreign body which needs to be annihilated or removed as quickly as possible. Hence, the primary treatments today are solely surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

What your doctor won't tell you is that there are other ways that are non toxic and much more effective. A much better way is to look at the reasons why it first grew and then eliminate those reasons. The advantages of treating cancer this way is no one can profit from it and also by making some simple changes the cancer won't spread or return again.

One of the reasons why our current way of treating cancer often doesn't solve the problem is because doctors are only taught to treat symptoms, that is the growths and they are not treating the problem. We have all been conditioned to believe that removing a cancer growth cures the problem and the only way to achieve that is to cut it out or try and remove it by using treatments that are harmful to the human body. Unfortunately, this approach has been for the vast majority of cancers mostly a failure. 

The view of a few doctors who are having success with cancer is to see it as a total body disease, which it is right from when it's first diagnosed rather than only after the disease has spread throughout the body. Cancer is a failure of the body's defence system which is the immune system. There is an imbalance in the body caused by the way we are now living and you are never going to solve that with a treatment or a drug.

Doctors also won't tell you about the harmful effects of the treatments and while we all know that chemotherapy often causes hair loss and vomiting; some of the drugs can cause permanent hearing loss and serious damage to the heart. Also both radiation and chemotherapy are both carcinogenic and can cause cancer to return at some later time being a direct result of the earlier treatments.

Of course the major fault with our three treatments for cancer now is that they weaken the body's immune system and since cancer is the result of an immune system that's already been weakened it doesn't really make sense to further damage this important defence system we all have. Common sense should tell you that it needs to be nurtured and not destroyed.

Most doctors don't know about safe natural food and supplements or any treatment that cannot be patented. They advise and prescribe only what they have been taught because it's an industry that makes money off expensive cancer drugs and treatments.

Also progress with cancer research is a myth and hoping for the development of a safe and effective drug is pointless.

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