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Chemotherapy and Pharmacology Concerns

Chemotherapy and Pharmacology Concerns

Chemotherapy is a treatment that is applied to a cancer patient often in combination with other methods for effective solution. It aims to destroy and control the cancerous cells that threatens to spread to other vital body parts and damaging them as well. There are many types chemotherapy and according to the extent and stage that your cancer has reached, you will be treated with the appropriate chemotherapy. These treatments usually have side effects but these go away as the treatment comes to an end. 

According to the current status of the cancer, the chemotherapy treatment can either

Cure Cancer- This is possible largely in the initial stages of the cancer. Chemotherapy may destroy the cancer cells to the point that it can no longer be detected in your body and won't grow back

Ease symptoms: This is possible when chemotherapy shrinks or controls the tumor that are causing pain and other symptoms

Control cancer: This is the case when chemotherapy destroys or controls the cancerous cells and prevents it from spreading to other healthy parts of the body and damaging them as well. 

Chemotherapy and Pharmacology is the publication medium that deals with different pharmacology concerns. It publishes the concerns both at the clinical and experimental level. It deals with results of single or combined uses of drugs and different clinical trails. While publishing the printed articles the publication adds the page numbers, citation line and also date of online publication. The Chemotherapy and Pharmacology is usually published under the name Springer-Online first publication. The authors however, can also submit their manuscript online by logging onto the website by simply following the instructions that appear on their computer screen. The authors need to create an account if they don't already have one and use this for submitting their manuscript online. If he already has one but doesn't remember the password to log into his account he can find online assistance to create a fresh password and replace the older one with the latest. The authors not only can submit their manuscripts but also track the position of these. 

While submitting the manuscript online on the cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology sites the authors should take care that the manuscripts don't have language errors and are in English. The articles should be fresh and deal with the current topics. The articles should be succinct with suitable literature citation. For reader's easy access the citation given should be in numbers and inside square brackets, the names of the drugs and quantity should be clearly mentioned and the reference should be in alphabetical order. 

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