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Proven Techniques for Cancer Prevention

Proven Techniques for Cancer Prevention

Cancer is the second disease leading in deaths among the Americans and in other parts of the world. Most people do not notice that cancer prevention can be achieved dietary modifications, lifestyle adjustment and use of certain supplements like the Vitamin D supplements. 

Cancer prevention is the trigger to lowering the cases of cancer deaths. This is because after the disease has spread to numerous body organs, chances of survival begin to plummet. A century ago, cancer was estimated to have affected 1 in every 80 people but today, this has changed with many individuals being plagued by this malady. 

Cancer is a sickness that entails cellular replication, genetics and DNA. Although certain incidences of cancer result from genetic susceptibility, a greater percentage of the cases arise from the lifestyle influence imposed on our DNA via the environment and diet. A fast food meal comprising of fries, burger and a sugary soft drink proved to have a negative effect on our genes that control the proliferation of cancer.

In addition, our external and internal environment has changed immensely within the last century. Many airborne pollutants are released into the atmosphere and then absorbed by people’s skins. Almost, each home cleaning product, laundry detergent and air freshener comprise of many chemicals that become carcinogenic with time. For many years, lack of nutrients from the refined diet combined with the toxic environment full of chemical exposure result in an excessive burden to our bodies. This ultimately contributes to a rise in the cases of cancer. The need for cancer prevention is thus imperative.

Cancer prevention is possible when there is the adoption of the natural dietary option that comprises of food that is minimally cooked or eaten raw. This allows for the intake of high nutrients while feeding our cells with the required building blocks for the regular cellular regeneration. Elimination of poor food choices has an advantage of acquiring and maintaining the required body weight that can have a great impact on the general health. One of the most essential options of the cancer prevention component is the Vitamin D supplements. 

Vitamin D supplements are intricately utilized to form of DNA in a cell, and also acts as the blueprint for accurately guiding the process of gene replication. Using Vitamin D supplements ensures there is sufficient amount of Vitamin D in the body. This can result in cancer prevention by up to 75 percent. 

It is worth noting that the majority of the Americans among other people across the world are deficient of Vitamin D because it is scarcely found in most foods. Also, conversion through the skin by exposing to sunlight is limited among most adults. Therefore, the use of Vitamin D supplements is very significant.

Designing a proper cancer prevention approach is important for every individual. Although the incidence of cancer has increased in the past century, we have currently a great grasp of the steps to be followed in cancer prevention. The modern diet has undergone evolution to the extent that most of the food taken has been manufactured hence manipulated. This has eliminated many of the essential nutrients needed for maintaining good body health. Use of Vitamin D supplements and other forms of supplements can remedy this situation.

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