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There Is a Lot More to Curing Cancer Than Just Removing Growths

There Is a Lot More to Curing Cancer Than Just Removing Growths

We are all educated about cancer by what we see on television and read in the newspapers and a lot of the facts we are told are not true. We all believe that removing cancer cures it or stops it from spreading but nothing could be further from the truth. Our entire western healthcare system is a money oriented system and there is only one way to make money out of cancer and that is to provide a treatment that removes growths. 

No one can profit from dealing with the reason why cancer first appeared and that's why doctors don't know why and so you won't be told. For example if the consumption of certain foods caused cancer, it doesn't matter how many times a doctor removes the growths, if you keep eating these foods, then your cancer will just keep coming back.

While minor surgery can sometimes be beneficial to a cancer patient, it is really important to look at the reasons why it first appeared. Doctors will probably tell you that it's the sun or faulty genes that have caused the problem which will make you believe there was nothing you could have done to avoid it. That is also false because all cancers are self caused, that is you have caused it yourself and the reasons being because of the way we are now living.

Many of the products we eat or we use now are known to cause cancer to appear so to cure the body all you have to do is to make changes and eliminate them. This will allow the body to self heal. Every human being has a self healing body and we all know this because when we cut ourselves or break a bone, the body mends it. Most diseases of modern man are curable by the body's own self healing mechanisms.

The aim with any cancer treatment should be to assist the body eliminate it and you do this by turning to Mother Nature for help. Nature has a cure for cancer whereas man's treatments are toxic and will usually make a bad situation worse. It's our current western lifestyle that's causing the problem so common sense should tell you that it's time to make some changes. 

Our present ways of treating cancer doesn't make sense because if you give a healthy person radiation or chemotherapy they will get sick so how can you expect a sick person with cancer to get well using these same treatments. Wake up to the facts that these treatments are in place because they pay, but seldom cure.

Remember that your doctor or oncologist is not the one who's in charge of the industry so doctors are only allowed to use the three orthodox treatments. The Cancer Industry also has the control over Cancer Societies and the National Cancer Institute as well.

Understanding cancer and getting to the root cause of the problem makes much more sense than using a treatment which is only treating symptoms and not the problem. It is far more profitable for pharmaceutical company's to treat symptoms than to treat the cause.

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