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Support for Brain Cancer Patients & More at Wake Forest Baptist Health

Support for Brain Cancer Patients & More at Wake Forest Baptist Health

Everyone at Wake Forest Baptist Health understands the emotional and medical complexity of cancer treatment and support. Life is challenging enough without cancer. At the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest Baptist Health, we strive to help patients with their anxieties while helping them continue daily activities and maintain healthy relationships.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is ranked among the nation's best hospitals for cancer care. We are proud to be among this elite group of cancer centers. From colon cancer and pancreatic cancer to throat cancer and brain cancer, Wake Forest is prepared to help patients fight it.

We also understand there's much more to beating cancer than medical treatment. In addition to the full scope of medical services, we also provide patient and family support services.

Supportive Programs for Cancer Patients and Families

The goal of these offerings is to provide a full range of programs to enhance the quality of life for patients and family members as they work through cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. The National Cancer Policy Board has cited our programs as a "Best Practices Model" for Comprehensive Cancer Centers. Discover more about the programs below.

Cancer Patient Support Program (CPSP)

With the care and support of team members and volunteers, the Cancer Patient Support Program helps patients become familiar with the Cancer Center plus provides education and support. We also provide a Resource Center for family members and patients.

Psychosocial Oncology Program (POP)

The Psychosocial Oncology Program provides counseling for patients and family members. Care comprises therapy from a qualified psychologist. Patients can express their anxieties and involve their families. We strive to treat:

    • Anxiety and depression

    • Family distress

    • Communication difficulties with the health care team

Our staff includes six oncology counselors-many with advanced degrees.

Cancer Survivorship

When patients are transitioning from cancer treatment to cancer survivorship, this program is an important part of moving forward. While recovering from a disease such as throat cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer or other cancer, as well as the strong procedures and medications used to treat it, such things as nutrition, counseling, follow-up care and more are just as important as they were while you were ill.

Pastoral Care 

Patients, staff, and families can meet with Chaplains at the Medical Center. These Chaplains provide support and counseling and are part of a 50 year tradition of ministry of compassion at Wake Forest.

The Appearance Boutique 

The goal of the Appearance Boutique is to enhance appearance and confidence. The Appearance Boutique is welcoming and compassionate. We provide expert care-and comfort-for patients going through cancer treatments, breast surgeries, and related treatment.

Additional services and programs at Wake Forest Baptist Health Cancer Treatment and Cancer Support include:

    • Recreation Therapy and Massage

    • Counseling and Social Work

    • Support Meetings

    • Nutrition Services

    • Therapeutic Programs

    • Integrative Medicine

    • Resource Centers

    • Activities and Education

    • Financial Services

Backing these services and programs is an experienced and compassionate team including physicians, psychologist, counselors, nurses, and volunteers. At Wake Forest Baptist Health, we are prepared to not only help fight brain cancer, pancreatic cancer or other cancer, we are ready to help you stay healthy once you've won the fight for your life.

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