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Oral Cancer Treatment

Mouth Cancer Treatment

Mouth cancer is certainly one of throat cancer types. Ergo the treatment will be just like people that have throat cancer such as surgical treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Oral cancer sufferer often also undergo pain and symptoms get a grip on treatment to suppress the side aftereffects of the treatment. Pain and symptoms get a handle on management categorized as as symptom management, palliative care and supportive care.

Surgery Treatment

Medical procedures may be the most common option for people with mouth cancer. It offers:

Cancer removal surgery

If the tumor is small then minor surgical excision is normally preferable to remove the tumefaction. The surgeons will usually remove some of healthier tissue around the tumefaction for screening purpose. This process is normally preferred provided that it is likely to result in a functionally satisfactory.

Radical surgery treatment

This procedure will be conducted if mouth cancer has spread right into a part of the neck. Radical surgery treatments include:

This process include removal of whole lower jaw or the complete mandible or part of it

This procedure include partial or complete removal of the tongue

Radical neck dissection
CCPDMA also known as Moh's procedure
Plus some other procedures be determined by where the tumefaction spread

Removal lymph nodes procedure may also have to be performed by the surgeons for further analysis about the cancer.

Reconstruction surgery treatment

Reconstruction surgical procedure usually performed after the radical cyst removal surgery. It helps the in-patient to bring back the patient's face appearance and his/her ability to talk and eat. Reconstruction procedures after the mouth cancer treatment include skin or graft, bone, and dental transplants.

Surgical solution for oral cancer will affect the patient appearance, and his/her power to swallow, eat and speak. It also carries some risks like bleeding and infection.


Radiotherapy for mouth cancer usually preferred because the only primary treatment for people with early stage cancer. Other than that this action usually given in conjunction with surgery could it be before or following the surgery. Radiotherapy will be given before surgery to shrink the cancer or to stop the progression of the cancer. Thus the removal surgery can be performed easily. It usually given after the surgery to prevent the rest of the cells grows back. Sometimes radiotherapy also comes in combination with chemotherapy to boost the effect of the therapy.

Radiotherapy for mouth cancer includes:

External radiation

This process uses high-energy beams machine to create rays.

Internal Radiation

Radioactive needles, seeds, or wires placed inside the mouth near the cancer.

Radiotherapy has side effects like irritation, fatigue, jaw stiffness, mouth sores, tooth decay, bleeding gums and mouth sore.
Chemotherapy for Mouth Cancer

Chemotherapy for mouth cancer is often advisable as a combination for the radiotherapy nonetheless it could be given alone to relive the outward symptoms or to kill oral cancer that coming back. This procedure uses drugs to kill the tumors be it through an injection or taken as pills or liquid.

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