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About Us

How many of us have been touched by cancer or by any insidious (terminal) disease? How many have been lost and how many more will be lost within the next 24 hours? Approximately 7.6 million die every year (worldwide) from some form of cancer. Boys, girls, men, women, babies and toddlers, are swept away from the ones they loved (and those who loved them) to a six-letter disease that knows no bounds. There was a time when lung and breast cancer seemed to be the only cancers we truly heard about on a regular basis, however, today, we can add Pancreatic, Colon, Ovarian and Liver (to the word Cancer) and the results can be devastating.

Find the Cure is a Registered Trademark and the mark is reserved for those who are suffering from Cancer and/or those affected by someone who has cancer. As the owner of the mark, we see our trademark being stamped onto silicone wristbands, charms, pins and just anything that can fit those three little words (that have such a HUGE meaning) on it - being sold for a profit. In fact, a very large profit in most cases.

Find the Cure is protected on Amazon through the Brand Registry Program and any (and all) products which are counterfeit Find the Cure products and/or products using our mark to make a statement will be removed.

Through every sale we re-direct funds back to the people who need to Find the Cure and not those who are simply seeking to line their pockets with the suffering of others.

We do convey permission to use our trademark to legitimate groups/organizations/families that can provide us with proof that they will use our trademark in good faith and donate a large portion of the proceeds from the sale of bracelets and/or jewelry (embossed and/or printed with our trademark) to the cancer cause in which the "Find the Cure" trademark is printed upon. If you wish to sell/offer a silicone bracelet for Breast Cancer, you may be given the right to emboss/imprint our trademark on awareness support silicone bracelets. The color matches the cause and the trademark "Find the Cure" sends the message home. Approval is on a case-by-case basis.

If you use our trademark on any piece of jewelry, which is covered by our trademark allowance, we will seek disgorge you of your ill-gotten profits and donate the entire amount to cancer research.

Find the Cure trademark allowances include a myriad of jewelry and apparel products. Find the Cure  USPTO registration numbers are as follows:

Jewelry Registration Number: 4404635

Clothing Registration Number: 4525742