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E.T. Original 35MM Film Cell Collectible

E.T. Original 35MM Film Cell Collectible


ET Original 35MM Film Cell Collectible. This is a one of kind as no two film cells are exactly alike. T. This is a one of kind as no two film cells are exactly alike. These collectible cells are encased in a heavy duty acrylic display with keychain attached. Use this for hanging keys or attach to handbags. Measures 2 1/4 inches wide by 2 inches high. These film cells were part of an original film/35mm print and/or trailer that was played in movie theaters. A full length film would be rolled onto 7 to 10 reels (depending on the length of the film). 35mm films are now being replaced with digital and as such 35mm films (which have not been destroyed) are held in private collections and/or held within film archives. In essence, the frames you are purchasing are part of our film history (heritage). In some cases, it's the actors/actresses that will attract you to one set of film cells or, you may be thrilled to see a favorite film of yours available for the first time within a collectible vessel. The frames you are purchasing have more than likely traveled the globe and may have run through a projector a 1000+ times and were viewed by hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of fans. Films move us and touch us in ways we remember (forever). ***The sale of these film cell collectibles is not associated with, endorsed by nor licensed by any Movie Studio or Subsidiary of any Movie Studio. These film cell items are derived from previews and other film elements lawfully obtained by Backlot Collectibles which do not infringe upon trademark, copyrights or right to publicity et al.***

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